We will develop your made-to-measure software project

Custom web development

We deal with complex and disruptive web projects at the highest technological level. We provide solutions for large-scale projects, data integration and database structuring, providing the professionalism of software engineers with proven experience.

The team of programmers, who are experts in Ruby on Rails and other open source frameworks, will successfully carry out all types of custom-developed web and internet projects.

Surface macbook coditramuntana

Custom app development

We develop native apps, Android, iOS and Windows, for all kinds of project.

The team of mobile IT specialists will successfully complete your project through consultation, functional analysis, programming code, testing, publishing and maintenance.

Mobile windows ios android coditramuntana

Outsourcing development

We are a reliable partner in the development of custom software for your business. With our mobile and web application teams, and teams of developers for different types of programming, we can help you.


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